SMART COMPUTING: “Harmony To Disrupt – The World’s Fastest Growing OS”

Harmony OS is the world’s fastest-growing operating system. iSoftStone Group, a top 10 IT services and digital transformation services provider in China with 85,000+ employees, is in the first wave of contributors to the Harmony ecosystem in terms of both software, hardware, services and solutions. Mr. Boyd Ye, Strategy Director at iSoftStone Group, explains the development of Harmony OS, its business framework and the ecosystem development. He is joined by Mr. Luo Wei, OpenAtom Foundation, and Ms. Zhang Jingjing, Xinri Group, for a discussion. Recorded on Monday 29 November 2021, this was the first of five sessions during Venturous Group’s Smart Citytech™ Week 2021.

In English.
In Mandarin.