The Connected Cities Conference 2022: Smart Cities of the Future

Mr. Benson Tam, Founder & CEO of Venturous Group, was invited to discuss the topic of “Smart Cities of the Future” with Ms. Kiri Sinclair, Founder & CEO of Sinclair Comms, for The Connected Cities Conference 2022 organised by KPMG on 9 September 2022. In the discussion, Benson emphasised that digital transformation using deep Citytech is the most crucial step for companies and cities to become smarter.

When asked what we can expect from Smart Cities of the future, Benson said he thinks that super apps like WeChat acting like a city controller, augmented reality (AR) in the form of glasses, as well as Smart Buildings, are going to be the next biggest tech revolution. These tech innovations will help city goers become more productive in their daily lives.