Strategic yet Venturous

We are a Strategic Capital Group that empowers transformation and innovation with a long-term vision. We provide venturous capital that rides volatility to maximize value in the long run.


CEOs make and break companies. We view good CEOs as rare Heroes. We focus on working with Hero CEOs, as their partner and investor, to make them win ecosystem wars.

From 1 to Many

We build an ecosystem around our portfolio and Hero CEOs, and leverage the ecosystem extensively to create synergies and opportunities for all parties involved.

What We Do

  • Venturous Hero Fund L.P. has been formed to capture China’s 2nd big transformation, driven by smart urbanization and digitization.
  • Hero Fund is a hybrid fund with two connected themes: Smart Town Real Estate and Digital Transformation Technology VC/PE.
  • The fund’s objective is to deliver asset-backed venture-like returns on capital by investing in Smart Town development and technology companies, serving Hero CEOs and smartifying the urban world to achieve higher quality of life.


Savio Kwan
Former COO
British American Tobacco
Non-Executive Director

Benson is a very interesting person. He can always see things from unique angles. As a result, he can always give people fresh ideas and help people think outside the box. He is also an honest and solid person, and he makes sure things are executed well. Benson is a rare person who is both visionary and down-to-earth.

Tianwen Liu
Founder & CEO

Since the very early stage of iSoftStone, Benson has been my investor. For more than 10 years, he has been my firm supporter as well as trusted business advisor. He has given me great support and help at every key moment of our company. To me, Benson is no longer an investor, he is my buddy and comrade in arms, we fight wars together.

Benny Ye
Homaer International
Founder & CEO

Benson is not just an investor to me, but more like a mentor and friend. Professionally, he is my master as he has helped me a lot on company strategy and development. Personally, he is a good friend who helps me to be a better person. I enjoy talking with Benson because every conversation has inspired me to think more broadly and deeply.