Venturous – The Citytech™ Group

Venturous Group is a Citytech™ business builder and investor.

We create, build and invest in game-changing technology companies, starting from China, to make cities smarter – more liveable, sustainable and productive. Our focus is Smart Buildings, Smart Energy and Smart Computing.


Our Value Creation Approach


We co-create via partnerships and JVs. We believe in spin-offs and optionality applied to our companies, strategic partners and ultimately ourselves. We call it 1-to-Many.


We co-develop businesses with our partners by bringing strategy, capital, technology and people. When building together, we embed ourselves in organisations for maximum impact.


We invest in private companies using a barbell approach, combining larger core holdings with JVs and emerging leaders across multiple Citytech sectors, putting them on an IPO path.

Our Focus Sectors


Smart Buildings

Smart Building tech optimises energy efficiency, improves occupant comfort and safety and reduces operating costs, allowing building owners and operators to make data-driven decisions and optimise building performance. The tech includes sensors, automation systems, AI and machine learning algorithms.


Smart Energy

Smart Energy tech optimises energy generation, distribution and consumption. The aim of Smart Energy is to reduce energy waste, increase energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions and costs. The tech includes data analytics, machine learning, smart grids, advanced metering systems and energy storage systems.


Smart Computing

Smart Computing tech, such as AI, machine learning and IoT, is used to create intelligent systems that can analyse, interpret and respond to complex data in real time. These systems can automate and optimise various processes, improve decision-making and enhance overall efficiency.

Company Examples

Neuron Digital Group
Neuron Digital Group is a Smart Buildings technology company with an emphasis on efficiency and sustainability.
company illustration
Anjie is China's next leader for Smart Energy AIoT management solutions.
company illustration
SwanLink is a Smart Computing company empowering a connected future through OpenHarmony.
company illustration
iSoftStone Group
iSoftStone Group is a Smart Computing company and a top 10 IT and digital transformation provider in China.
company illustration