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We create the future of city living in China and beyond by investing in, building and operating Smart Citytech infrastructure companies.

Working with our portfolio companies and strategic partners, we help make cities smarter – more liveable, sustainable and productive.

A better future.


Citytech The Next Frontier

Why Smart Cities? Why China?

By 2050, 7 billion people are expected to live in cities around the world. Cities are already buckling under the pressure. The key to better city living is the implementation of DeepTech. For many leaders across the world, the creation of Smart Cities through digital transformation is at the top of their agenda.

Citytech will be everywhere.

Think Smart Energy, Smart Computing, Smart Buildings, Smart City Management and beyond. With China piloting Smart City development programs in more than 800 cities, China and Chinese tech companies are leading the way.

From Seed to IPO

Working with companies at different stages, we grow with our portfolio companies, creating value fast and slow.

Building an Ecosystem

We create a Smart Citytech ecosystem by investing in businesses with DeepTech capabilities across a range of verticals, creating possible synergies across our holdings.

True Partnership

We work side-by-side with our CEOs and partners to co-develop and uncover new opportunities. Championing growth, we work together to open doors and turn one investment into many.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Strategic, yet Venturous

We drive the development of Smart Cities by providing venturous capital and strategic partnerships for the best Smart Citytech ideas and businesses in China.


CEOs make or break companies. We view great CEOs as rare Heroes. We work with Hero CEOs shoulder-to-shoulder, side-by-side as partners and investors. Individually, we identify opportunities and tackle challenges; together, we win wars.

From One to Many

Through strategic investments across Citytech verticals, we build ecosystems around our portfolio companies. Together with our Hero CEOs, shareholders and strategic partners, we uncover new opportunities and co-develop new businesses, creating synergies and opportunities for all.

Our Focus

Smart Energy

We’re investing in DeepTech to reduce energy consumption and minimize emissions. Through Smart Energy alone, we can reduce building energy consumption by up to 30%. Key technologies include: AIoT, Power Management and Distribution and HVAC Management.

Smart Buildings

We’re working to make cities safer, healthier and more sustainable through Smart Building technologies. By gathering real-time data and using artificial intelligence, we can dramatically improve infrastructure efficiency and transform city life. Key technologies include: Intelligent Building and Tenant Management, IoT Sensors and Building ERP.

Smart Computing

From PCs to mobiles and now cities, the Internet has transformed how we live. We are at the forefront of this digital transformation, investing in companies that power Smart City economies through technologies such as AI, Big Data, Cloud, IoT, Digital Twin etc.

Smart Business and Consumer Technologies

The companies we invest in make life better for businesses and consumers. From improving efficiency in supply chain mangement to increasing access to healthcare or financial services, Smart Citytech will transform how we live, work and play. Focus areas include Smart Health, Smart Finance, Smart Commerce and Smart Automation.

Our Focus

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