Our Investment Ecosystem

Stronger Together

Every investment we make is tied to our vision for a unified ecosystem of Citytech companies, working together to define the future of city living. We make big bets on DeepTech innovators, and seek strategic partnerships with industry leaders to uncover new synergies and opportunities for everyone involved.

Citytech is DeepTech

We make long-term strategic investments in companies with the ambition to change the world.


Smart Citytech Infrastructure Companies

  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Computing
  • Smart City Management


Smart Business & Consumer Technologies

  • Smart Community
  • Smart Finance
  • Smart Commerce
  • Smart Health
  • Smart Supply

Core Investments

Neuron Digital Group is a Smart Buildings technology company with an emphasis on efficiency and sustainability. It is the result of a JV between Arup and Venturous Group.

Anije Logo

Anjie is one of China’s leading energy management solution providers. Using AIoT, Big Data and Cloud, Anjie provides Smart Energy solutions, saving 15% – 30% of building energy costs.

SoftStone Logo

iSoftStone is one of China’s top 10 IT and digital transformation providers. As a Smart Computing company it has the potential to create synergies with several Venturous portfolio companies.

SwanLink develops commercial distribution versions of OpenHarmony-based operating systems and applications. It is a JV between iSoftStone Group, Wuxi National High-Tech District and Venturous.

Isstech Logo

With hundreds of successful Smart City projects, iSSTech is one of the top 5 providers of Smart City Management and technology infrastructure solutions in China.

Ecosystem Investments

Zhuyou Hotel Group Logo

Zhuyou Hotel Group is one of China’s top 15 hotel chains. With a network of 500+ hotels across 90+ cities in China, Zhuyou will redefine hospitality through Smart Community services. 

homaer international logo

Homaer International is a Smart Finance company. With a presence in China, Hong Kong and the United States, they provide a digital wealth management platform.

Xforceplus is a Smart Finance company and an invoice management and cloud-based supply chain collaboration platform, connecting big enterprises and their suppliers.

WeStyle.ai Logo

WeStyle.ai is a Smart Commerce technology company bringing personal styling services to mass market by leveraging AI empowered stylists to support brands and customers alike.

Innovex Logo

Innovex is a Smart Health company driving innovation in medical device technology. Using Big Data, Innovex is making medical diagnosis and treatment safer and more effective.

Coevolution.ai Logo

CoEvolution.AI is a Smart Supply technology company focused on warehouse automation to drive efficiencies in manufacturing and distribution.