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We're one week away from our annual flagship event, the Smart Citytech™ Week and we would like to remind you to register now for live and on-demand access! All sessions will be offered in both English and Mandarin with the help of simultaneous translation. You may find out more about each session below.

This session explores which sectors investors favour, changing investment climates and the impact of recent tech regulations. Uncover tales of success and setbacks, along with tactics to allure foreign investments and influence the trajectory of China's Citytech sector.

Join esteemed investors as they reveal their criteria for PropTech investments, including the role of enhancing environmental sustainability. Gain insights into regional variations among PropTech companies and more!

Preparing for a net-zero future is a central global theme. We will discuss how forward-thinking policies and initiatives are pivotal in driving this transformative change and propelling us towards a greener horizon.

This session is designed to dive into the advantages and disadvantages of collaborating with Corporate Venture Capital in contrast to Venture Capital / Private Equity funds. Additionally, we will further explore the burgeoning Citytech trends, with a particular emphasis on those with a sustainability focus.

Alongside the practical applications, we will address crucial ethical and regulatory considerations, ensuring responsible AI's role in our future. Our exploration will extend to AI's potential in addressing global challenges such as climate change and healthcare crises. Together, we'll envision how AI can be a powerful ally in solving these pressing issues.

About Us

Venturous Group is a Citytech™ business builder and investor.

We create, build and invest in game-changing technology companies, starting from China, to make cities smarter – more liveable, sustainable and productive.

Our focus is Smart Buildings, Smart Energy and Smart Computing.