Asian Private Equity: A 36-Year Odyssey

10 Apr 2024
Venturous Group
Asian Private Equity: A 36-Year Odyssey

Drawing from 36 years of private equity experience, the CEO of HPEF Capital Partners, Marcus Thompson, summarises his three decades of learning in one hour. Since the PE asset class's boom in the 1980s, Marcus has navigated through evolving markets from the UK to Asia, witnessing the private equity scene's rise post-SARS in 2004. This journey led him to discover the "secret sauce" to running a successful PE firm, including disciplined due diligence and strategic exit timings, and why private markets have outshined public ones consistently. Marcus will also share his long-term vision for PE investments, emphasising the importance of looking beyond current trends to anticipate the next 3-5 years.

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