Venturous Group Rebrands Following Latest Funding Deal

24 Aug 2023
Venturous Group Rebrands Following Latest Funding Deal

Venturous Group, the Citytech Group, has refreshed its brand and launched a new website, following its series B capital raising with CLP Group as lead investor.

With an emphasis on smart buildings, smart energy and smart computing, Venturous is revisiting its positioning and brand to communicate a more focused approach.

Making smarter cities

Venturous Group creates, builds and invests in changing technology companies to make cities smarter, more liveable, sustainable and productive. It uses the latest Citytech, strategic partnerships and digital transformation to help cities transform.

The group currently has 12 companies, including two joint ventures. Venturous’ largest institutional shareholders are Fidelity China Special Situations and CLP Group, and has its own IPO on the horizon. 

Venturous’ new brand is an evolution of its earlier version. This updated positioning is fully reflected on the company’s website, which has been completely rebuilt in conjunction with the group’s refreshed brand. Similarly, the website has a more contemporary Citytech-oriented design and features a much-improved interface for all the content that the company continuously produces for smart cities and China in particular.

“At a tangible level, our rapid evolution to become a focused Citytech business builder and investor – using more strategic partnerships, spin-offs and joint ventures to create extraordinary value – made it natural for us to refresh our overall brand, positioning and how we tell our story online.”

Venturous Group’s series B round in January raised another $21m, in which CLP Group, one of the largest investor-owned power businesses in Asia Pacific, was lead investor. This brings Venturous’ total capital raised from shareholders to $152m.

Source: News published by SmartCitiesWorld on 25 August 2023