How Public-Private Partnerships Could Work for Sustainable Urbanisation

25 Oct 2022
Venturous Group
How Public-Private Partnerships Could Work for Sustainable Urbanisation

Discovering the path to transforming a city into a Smart City is an intriguing journey. One approach involves bridging the gap between the public and private sectors, combining their resources, expertise and innovative ideas to drive meaningful change. However, harmonising these distinct elements can present its own set of challenges. To gain deeper insights into the dynamics of public-private partnerships, we invite you to join us for a captivating panel discussion featuring Luke Antoniou, the Senior Editor of Smart Cities World and Zeina Nazer, the Co-Founder of Cities Forum. Together, they will provide a comprehensive perspective that encompasses the aspirations and needs of citizens. Additionally, Hallie Liao, the Head of China Investments at Transport International Holdings and Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Bus Group, will shed light on the remarkable efforts undertaken by China, Dubai and London government to support the private sector in successfully completing Smart City projects.

More examples of Shenzhen’s Smart City infrastructure established through public-private partnerships can be found in the VG x SCW Shenzhen City Profile Report.