07 Dec 2023
Venturous Group
SCTW 2023 Investing in China's Citytech Thumbnail

Amidst geopolitical tensions, unexpected policy shifts and economic challenges, the question arises: should investors maintain their confidence in China's Citytech market? Dale Nicholls, Portfolio Manager at Fidelity International, emphatically asserts a positive response. Despite prevailing concerns, many Citytech companies in China continue to surpass earnings projections, driving valuations primarily through profitability. Harry Man, Partner at Matrix Partners China, underscores the importance of recognising that underperforming tech companies often stem from investments made at least 5 years ago. He emphasises that such outcomes shouldn't sway perceptions of the burgeoning potential within current and emerging Citytech ventures. When asked about key Citytech sectors deserving investor attention, the panelists unanimously advocate for a focus on the electric/autonomous vehicle and Smart Buildings industries. These sectors are deemed pivotal for future growth and innovation within the Citytech landscape.

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