PROPTECH INVESTING: “A Real (Estate) Change”

03 Dec 2023
Venturous Group
SCTW 2023 Proptech Investing Thumbnail

A decade ago, Proptech aimed to digitise real estate workflows. Now, Alexander Bent of Undivided Ventures sees a shift. Proptech's core is now driven by decarbonisation and meeting ESG targets critical for today's investors, developers, and institutions. In addition, though buildings amass vast data, integrating AI into Proptech is hindered. Many firms cling to outdated data collection methods like Excel. Embracing modern approaches is crucial to unlock AI's potential.

On the topic of Proptech expansion, panelists unanimously favour a local approach. Herbin Koh from Gaw Capital noted that varying real estate landscapes pose challenges in global or regional shifts, emphasising the importance of local adaptability.

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