Smart Cities World Interview: How Cities Can Tackle Their Biggest Challenges Through Partnership

19 Feb 2023
Venturous Group
How cities can tackle their biggest challenges through partnership

SmartCitiesWorld speaks with Benson Tam, CEO and Founder of Venturous Group, and Michael Kwok, East Asia Regional Chair for Arup, to discover how innovative public and private partnerships are pushing the envelope for the future of cities. The latest video interview from SmartCitiesWorld sees editor Luke Antoniou welcome Venturous Group’s Benson Tam and Arup’s Michael Kwok to talk all things collaborative in city technology.

Together, there’s a discussion of the role that Venturous Group and Arup are playing – both together and individually – in driving forward a partnership model to help develop smarter cities. This includes the understanding of the state of play within Venturous Group’s Citytech network and insight into the development of the Neuron smart building platform – itself a joint venture between Arup and Venturous Group.

Further, we find out about the importance of scalability and right-sizing solutions for adoption by different types of organizations, whether they’re cities or private-sector-owned and operated entities that have many of the same needs as modern cities. There’s also a discussion of the next steps for the smart city concept and vision and how citizens themselves will be able to personalize their own city experiences based on individual preferences based on the technology that can be created and adopted within a city context through new partnerships.

For more on Venturous Group’s work, both with Arup and its other Citytech partners, download the SmartCitiesWorld Shenzhen City Profile Report, which includes more case studies on how Venturous Group is supporting the advancement of city technology.

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