SMART CITYTECH INVESTING: “Smart Citytech Solutions And Investment Themes”

02 Dec 2021
Venturous Group
SCTW 2021 Smart Citytech Investing

Metropolises are adopting high-tech solutions to address urbanisation challenges and improve the quality of life for citizens. Smart City solutions encompass various areas such as transportation, retail, healthcare, waste management and public safety. The implementation of Smart City projects differs between Eastern and Western countries, with the former prioritising digital infrastructures and adopting a top-down approach, while the latter focuses on developing public transportation systems through a bottom-up approach. However, investors are primarily interested in understanding where the investments are flowing within the vast Smart City ecosystem. Mr Marcus Thompson, Chairman of HPEF Capital Partners Group and Ms Jasmine Duan, Investment Strategist Asia at RBC Wealth Management, highlight the growing investments in electric vehicles (EV) and health tech as key observations.

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