Smart Energy, Smart Computing, Smart Buildings, and Smart City Management Take Center Stage at Venturous’ Smart Citytech™ Week

09 Nov 2022
Venturous Group
SCTW 2022

HONG KONG, Nov. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Venturous Group, China’s first Citytech™ Group, will live stream its Smart Citytech™ Week 2022 from 21st to 25th November, with free expert webinars daily. Sign up via the official event page (click here), for live and on-demand post-event access.

In China, hundreds of Smart Cities, towns, and districts are emerging, collectively creating a US$7.1 trillion digital economy that is primed for Smart City infrastructure.

Venturous’ Smart Citytech™ Week 2022 will bring together renowned industry leaders who will discuss multiple key Citytech challenges and opportunities, including how China has adopted Smart City transformations and how its Smart Citytech can serve as inspiration for countries and cities across the world looking to accelerate their own transformations.

Industry experts who will be speaking at the event include Dr Tao Chuang, former Partner and CEO of the PPTV streaming platform and Founder and Chairman of WAYZ.AI; Professor Der-Horng Lee, Chair Professor at Zhejiang University, China; Mr Allan Tsay, Vice President at Advantech; Dr Jonathan Woetzel, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company China, Director of McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) and the firm’s Global Leader of its Cities Special Initiative; Ms Esther Wong, Managing Director of Strategic Investments at Sensetime; and Dr Will Cavendish, Global Digital Services Leader at Arup.

Venturous Group, an investor, business builder and operator of Smart Citytech infrastructure companies in China, has crafted its Smart Citytech™ Week agenda to focus on Smart Energy, Smart City Management, Smart Computing, and Smart Buildings on separate days of the week, with the final day dedicated to a Smart Citytech panel discussion moderated by Ms Lorraine Hahn, former CNN and CNBC TV presenter.

For a description of the sessions, a full list of panelists and to register, visit Smart Citytech™ Week’s official event page. Persons who are unable to view the sessions live can still sign up to receive on-demand post-event access.

Webinars at Smart Citytech™ Week 2022
Smart Energy: “Net-Zero Power Pioneers in Greater Bay Area”

China, the manufacturing powerhouse of the world with a population of 1.4 billion, utilizes huge amounts of power in its industry, energy, transportation, and construction sectors, emitting more than a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gases.

But therein lies a massive opportunity to find “smarter” ways to reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency, and shift towards sustainability, and the Central Government is determined to make the country carbon neutral by 2060, acknowledging that technology will play a key role in decarbonization.

The Smart Energy technology webinar presenters are Mr Austin R. Bryan, Chief Digital Officer of CLP Group, and Mr Alex Keisser, Managing Director of CLPe Solutions; both representing one of the largest investor-owned power businesses in Asia Pacific.

Smart City Management: “Programmable Cities in China”

Smart Cities are powered by Smart Citytech from 10 key verticals: Smart Commerce, Smart Finance, Smart Community, Smart Operating, Smart Computing, Smart Health, Smart Supply, Smart Buildings, Smart Energy, and Smart Mobility. Integrating all these verticals is Smart City Management, which China has enhanced through its rapid Smart City transformations.

With over 800 emerging “programmable cities” within China, a flexible and scalable responsive digital infrastructure enables seamless management of municipalities. Traditional Smart Cities tend to focus on using data to make specific industries or fields, such as transportation, water supply and urban planning, more intelligent. Smart City Management takes this further by integrating urban professional data to achieve a unified planning, construction, supervision, and governance system.

Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Twins and Internet of Things (IoT) are among the technologies used to create “digital city brains” supporting Smart City infrastructure.

The Smart City Management webinar presenters are Mr Hanson Wang, lead partner of Deloitte Consulting’s Metaverse Centre of Excellence, and Mr Tang Ren Yao, Co-Founder and COO of Supremind, a new generation AI platform focused on video analytics spatiotemporal data management.

Smart Computing: “Living in an All-Connected World”

Smart Cities mean nothing without data. In an ideal world of a Smart City, all devices should essentially be connected, transmitting data using wireless technology and the cloud. Cloud-based IoT applications receive, analyze, and manage data in real-time to help municipalities, enterprises, and citizens make better decisions that improve quality of life.

However, the rise of connected devices and cities naturally leads to increased concerns about privacy and data protection. China has addressed these with heightened security interfaces and stricter regulations, leading to the rise of Smart Security.

So, to achieve an all-connected world, a range of computing technologies, such as AI computing, Cloud, and Big Data solutions, will play a vital role globally, and in the case of China, in OpenHarmony-based IoT operating systems and applications.

The Smart Computing webinar presenters are Mr Allan Tsay, Vice President of Industrial IoT Group at Advantech, and Mr Henry He, CFO of Kingsoft Cloud, China’s leading cloud service provider.

Smart Buildings: “No More Excuses for Dumb Buildings”

Cities already contribute to 70% of global carbon dioxide emissions, with buildings using 30% of the world’s energy and accounting for 28% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Making buildings smarter is no longer an option; it is a necessity.

China’s Smart Buildings market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.8% between 2022 and 2027, given many Chinese cities’ dependence on large buildings to fuel its communities and commerce. Across China and especially the Greater Bay Area, developers and property managers face recurring pain points in managing large, high-usage buildings and reducing buildings’ carbon footprints while managing the tenant experience.

Neuron Digital Group, a joint venture between Arup and Venturous Group, offers a “digital brain” for buildings. It is the first full-stack digital platform optimized for buildings – an open Cloud-based integrated technology platform with Digital Twin, AI, and Big Data capabilities – reducing energy and maintenance costs as well as equipment downtime; while increasing tenant satisfaction, automation, and indoor air quality.

The Smart Buildings webinar presenters are Dr Will Cavendish, Global Digital Services Leader at Arup, and Vincent See, Head of New Ventures at Swire Properties.

Smart Citytech Panel Discussion: “The Global Rush to Invest in the Future of Smart ∞”

The final webinar session of the week is a panel discussion expected to answer questions such as: What’s the future of Smart Cities? What kind of disruptive technologies will impact cities? What are the investment opportunities? Where is China at the forefront, and where is it lagging behind?

There has been a global rush to invest in the future of “smart everything”, with technology spending on Smart City initiatives worldwide forecasted to more than double by 2023. These have been driven by policies such as China’s 14th five-year plan (2021-2025), which proposes to build innovative Smarter Cities and digital villages, and the EU’s Horizon 2020 initiative, an ambitious research and innovation program which makes Smart Cities an important part of the agenda.

Intelligent, interconnected ecosystems, scalable to sizes of cities and towns and able to match the rapid growth of urbanization – by 2050, seven billion people will live in cities – are in demand as the toll of climate change and cost considerations rise.

Smart Citytech will integrate many DeepTech components such as AI, IoT, Augmented Reality, Digital Twin, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Edge Computing, Blockchain, and 5G into a City Internet that runs as the programmable economic operating system for all economic activities.

The panelists are Dr Tao Chuang, Founder and Chairman of WAYZ.AI; Ms Esther Wong, Managing Director of Strategic Investments at Sensetime; Dr Jonathan Woetzel, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company China; Ms Eva Lee, Head of Greater China Equities at UBS Global Wealth Management Chief Investment Office; and Mr Benson Tam, Founder and CEO of Venturous Group.

Mr Benson Tam, who is also acting as the host for the week, says, “Citytech is the master key that makes cities smarter – more livable, sustainable, and productive. At Venturous, we have seen how Smart City applications can improve specific key quality-of-life indicators: up to 30% improvement in environmental quality, 15% in health improvements, 65% savings in time and convenience, 40% boost in safety, and 30% enhanced social connectedness and civic participation.”

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