SMART BUILDINGS: “Want To Save The Planet? Equip Each Building With A Digital Brain!”

Mark Chen, Arup’s East Asia Digital Technology Consulting Skills Leader, is leading the Neuron Digital Platform for Smart Buildings and various data-driven machine learning digital solutions for the built environment, infrastructure and Smart Cities at Arup, a world-leading firm for the built environment with 16,000 staff globally. He talks about Digital Twins, AI and data-driven technology for buildings, how it works and all its benefits. Mark is joined by panellists Simon Evans, Arup’s Global Digital Energy Leader and Digital Twin Leader, and Alvin Cheung, Real Estate Industrial Lead at Amazon Web Services, for a discussion. Recorded on Tuesday 30 November 2021, this was the second of five sessions during Venturous Group’s Smart Citytech™ Week 2021.

In English.
In Mandarin.