SMART CITY MANAGEMENT: “China’s Smart Society Of The Future”

iSSTech is a top 5 Smart City IT solutions provider in China and has been involved in establishing more than 100 Smart Cities across the country. This presentation reviews the 10-year history of China’s urban digital transformation and the new era of urban digital governance. China’s future Smart Society and new urban social governance come with challenges as well as several new trends. Mr. “Frank” Feng Yong 冯嵱, CEO of iSSTech Inc., covers this as well as iSSTech’s recent involvement in various urban governance projects. Frank is joined by Mr. Feng Kui, China Center for Urban Development, and Dr. Dong Li, China New Urbanization Research Institute at Tsinghua University, for a panel discussion. Recorded on Wednesday 1 December 2021, this was the third of five sessions during Venturous Group’s Smart Citytech™ Week 2021.

In English.
In Mandarin.