SMART CITYTECH PANEL DISCUSSION: “The Global Rush to Invest in the Future of Smart ∞“

The final webinar session of Smart Citytech™ Week 2022 is a panel discussion answering questions such as: What’s the future of Smart Cities? What kind of disruptive technologies will impact cities? What are the investment opportunities? Where is China at the forefront, and where is it lagging behind?

There is no doubt that Smart Citytech will integrate many DeepTech components such as AI, IoT, Augmented Reality, Digital Twin, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Edge Computing, Blockchain, and 5G into a City Internet that runs as the programmable economic operating system for all economic activities.

The panelists are Dr. Tao Chuang, Founder and Chairman of WAYZ.AI; Ms. Esther Wong, Managing Director of Strategic Investments at SenseTime; Dr. Jonathan Woetzel, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company China; Ms. Eva Lee, Head of Greater China Equities at UBS Global Wealth Management Chief Investment Office; and Mr. Benson Tam, Founder and CEO of Venturous Group. The session was moderated by Ms. Lorraine Hahn, former CNN & CNBC presenter.

Recorded on Friday 25 November 2022, this was the last of five sessions during Venturous Group’s Smart Citytech™ Week 2022.

In English.
In Mandarin.