SMART COMPUTING: “Living in an All-Connected World“

Smart Cities mean nothing without data. In an ideal world of a Smart City, all devices should essentially be connected, transmitting data using wireless technology and the cloud. Mr. Allan Tsay, Vice President of Advantech Co. Ltd., and Mr. Henry He, CFO of Kingsoft Cloud, presented how cloud-based IoT applications receive, analyze and manage data in real-time to help municipalities, enterprises, and citizens make better decisions and improve the quality of life.

They were joined by Professor Der-Horng Lee, Chair Professor of Zhejiang University, and Mr. Yu Chen, Partner of Yunqi Partners, for a discussion. The session was moderated by Ms. Jie Teng, Co-Founder & Chief IBO Officer of Venturous Group.

Recorded on Wednesday 23 November 2022, this was the third of five sessions during Venturous Group’s Smart Citytech™ Week 2022.

In English.
In Mandarin.