Venturous Session: How Public-Private Partnerships Could Work for Sustainable Urbanization

Mr. Luke Antoniou, Senior Editor of SmartCitiesWorld (SCW), Ms. Zeina Nazer, Co-Founder of Cities Forum, and Ms. Hallie Liao, Head of China Investments at Transport International Holdings & Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Bus Group, had a panel presentation at a Venturous Session on 26 October 2022.

The presentation by Luke covered a brief introduction to SCW as the leading platform for sharing ideas to solve urban challenges, and the Shenzhen City Profile Report that was launched in mid-October in partnership with Venturous Group (VG). Following that, Zeina shared the scope of work that Cities Forum does and the UN’s public-private partnerships (PPP) structure, which remains highly relevant even after over a decade.

Lastly, Luke and Zeina were joined by Hallie to discuss successful case studies of PPP in cities such as Shenzhen, Dubai, and London. More examples of Shenzhen’s Smart City infrastructure established through PPP can be found in the VG x SCW Shenzhen City Profile Report.