last updated 15 July 2022

Venturous Group – Company Profile

About Venturous Group

Venturous is China’s first Citytech™ Group. Powering Smart City economies, it is an investor, business builder and operator of Smart Citytech infrastructure companies. Creating value by transforming the future of city living, Venturous leverages the latest deep Citytech, strategic partnerships and digital transformation to make cities more liveable, sustainable and productive, in China and beyond.

Venturous’ focus is the four ‘must-have’ areas of Smart Energy, Smart Buildings, Smart Computing and Smart City Management.

For investors, Venturous represents a one-stop platform for all things Citytech, allowing them to gain early access to the emerging Citytech ecosystem, including strategic partnerships and co-investment opportunities. Its corporate structure is listable, flexible, extensible and efficient, with the company having its own IPO on the horizon.





Beijing, China

Office Locations

Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore

Number of Employees


Founder & CEO

Benson Tam

Shareholder Base

Shareholders after the successful final closing on 31 March 2021 of Series A of US$131 million:

  • Benson Tam, Chairman & Founding Partner of Venturous Group: US$50 million
  • Fidelity China Special Situations PLC: US$35 million
  • Savio Kwan, former COO of Alibaba and member of Venturous Group’s Advisory Board: US$10 million
  • Other wealthy families from Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe and the U.S.: US$36 million

Corporate Structure

Venturous Group emerged from the single-family office of its principal, Mr. Benson Tam.

It is an investor, business builder and operator and its corporate structure allows for venture capital, private equity, pre-IPO deals, mergers and acquisitions, co-investments, incubation, strategic partnerships and joint ventures.

The corporate structure is also ideal for a long-term investment horizon and allows for maximum flexibility without the pressure to monetize underlying investments in a set timeframe, while providing investors with exit optionality through a future company IPO.

Investment Strategy

The current balance sheet is made up of core holdings and ecosystem investments:

Core Holdings

Market leading companies in the Smart City infrastructure sector, providing technology solutions generating and collecting user data.

Venturous Group’s ‘pillar’ Citytech company holdings include:

  • Tianjin Anjie IoT Science and Technology – Smart Energy
  • iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co. Ltd. – Smart Computing
  • iSSTech – Smart City Management

In addition, Venturous incubates and builds joint ventures and operating subsidiaries in partnership with core holding companies, strategic partners and shareholders, creating complementary businesses leveraging market-leading core assets. Examples include the following two joint venture companies:

  • Neuron Digital Group – Smart Buildings
  • SwanLink – Smart Computing

Ecosystem Investments

Companies that benefit from the DeepTech capabilities of the core holdings and Venturous’ proprietary group ecosystem.

Venturous Group’s ecosystem Citytech company holdings include:

  • Zhuyou Hotel Group – Smart Community
  • Homaer International – Smart Finance
  • Xforceplus – Smart Finance
  • – Smart Commerce
  • Innovex – Smart Health
  • CoEvolution.AI – Smart Supply

Long-term strategic partners include Arup, one of the world’s leading engineering, architecture, design and consulting companies for the built environment.