AVCJ 2021: Asian Venture Capital – A New Maturity

15 Nov 2021
Venturous Group
AVCJ 2021

Over the past decade, international venture capital in Asia has experienced remarkable growth, fuelled by the success of ecosystem platforms, gaming and e-commerce. With favourable factors like large populations, a rising middle class and rapid technological adoption, the Asia-Pacific region has emerged as a lucrative market for tech investors. China, India and Southeast Asia, in particular, offer enticing opportunities for venture capital. However, navigating this culturally diverse region requires a deep understanding of its intricacies. To grasp the state of venture capital in Asia, it's essential to examine China, a top destination for foreign VC investors. Benson Tam, Founder & Chairman of Venturous Group, sheds light on our investment strategy in the thriving USD$4 trillion market of Smart Cities in China.

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