MIDF Conversations: No Better Time to Invest in China

10 Nov 2021
Venturous Group
MIDF Conversations with Benson Tam of Venturous Group

Despite being recognised as a math prodigy by Dato’ Charon bin Mokhzani, Group Managing Director at MIDF, Benson Tam, Founder & Chairman of Venturous Group, chose a different path from his engineering strength. Opting for finance, Benson had the fortunate opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring digital revolution that unfolded in China over the past three decades.

During this transformative period, the Chinese government encouraged its people to explore their potential and strive for excellence, resulting in China's remarkable progress. However, in recent years, the government has recognised the growing disparity among the middle class and has taken steps to regulate various sectors. This approach aims to foster competition, break monopolies and restore equilibrium.

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