Open Source Development in China

03 Aug 2022
Venturous Group
Open Source Development in China

By 2025, the global count of IoT devices is projected to exceed a staggering 41 billion, encompassing everything from smart home gadgets to industrial sensors. Embracing the power of open source, with its collaborative and transparent nature, holds the key to unlocking the full potential of this interconnected world. Open source fosters a culture of sharing software, hardware, and knowledge, driving innovation and accelerating the development of IoT technologies. This approach makes IoT solutions more accessible, flexible, and customizable, empowering individuals and organizations to create their own intelligent devices and applications.

Scott Yeh, the Chief Technology Officer of SwanLink, sheds light on the remarkable efforts of the Chinese government to bolster the open-source industry's growth. SwanLink is at the forefront, dedicated to developing commercially distributed versions of OpenHarmony-based IoT operating systems and applications.

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