Transforming Our Built-Environment With A Digital Brain

29 Jun 2022
Venturous Group
Transforming Our Built-Environment With A Digital Brain

Buildings are responsible for 40% of the global carbon emissions. This alarming statistic has propelled the urgent need to decarbonise and transform buildings into intelligent structures. In response, the visionary collaboration between Arup and Venturous Group gave rise to Neuron Digital Group, a dynamic joint venture. With a mission "to equip building owners with AI-driven digital brains", Neuron aims to revolutionise the way buildings operate, says Thomas Pang, its Acting CEO.

During a captivating discussion, Mark Chen, Neuron's Executive Lead, Felix Chan, Arup's Senior Consultant in Sustainability and Wendy Chung, Arup's Senior Digital Consultant in Advanced Digital Engineering, highlighted the advantages of Neuron as an essential ESG tracking and measurement tool. In an era where sustainable practices are paramount, Neuron's innovative solutions offer building owners invaluable insights into their environmental impact, supporting their journey towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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