Venturous Session: Smart Logistics – Creating an Agile Economy with AI-Powered Supply Chain

Mr. Lijun Zhu, CEO of CoEvolution Technology Inc., spoke at a Venturous Session on 28 September 2022 about the trending adoption of smart, flexible logistic solutions worldwide. Before he began his presentation, Mr. Zhu highlighted that it is important that we acknowledge supply chain and logistics as a complex problem. Hardly any business would share an identical logistic model. Hence, adaptability is crucial when companies source for Smart Logistic solutions.

Lijun also covered the functions of CoEvolution’s products that control logistic robots, manage warehouse inventory storage and simulate highly accurate operational processes. When asked what trends he sees in the AI automation supply chain industry, Lijun said that warehouse owners are actively looking for Smart Logistic solutions that are affordable, adaptable, and have quick planning and installation processes. Similarly, Lijun has made it a point to fulfil all of these requirements in CoEvolution’s AI solutions.